Step 4

After the designing part is done, our web and software development team come into play to develop the site in the way and manner you want it. Our web designers have hands-on experience in developing high-performance websites and graphics that help give a friendly user experience to potential business clients.

Step 5

Once our web developers develop the website as per your needs, our quality analysts start testing your site on a combination of devices and a number of computers (that is,Desktop, Tablets, Phones Laptop). They help remove the bugs. Our QA team leaders make sure that your site is running smoothly and everything is in order.

Step 6

  After making your website 100% bug-free, it’s time to launch it into the market for your customers. By deploying your website to    your server, it will be available for you, your staff, and your customers to use. Our team also provide product maintenance if your company finds something that leads to any system […]

Step 3

After preparing wire-frames, our web design team enters the process and starts designing by following the design strategy, rules and guidelines. To make the perfect web design for your business brands, our website design team asks for your organization logo, color, and image preferences to increase user engagement with the website.

Step 2

Once the website developer gets a clear view of the requirements and strategies, the process continues. Our website analytics team starts preparing the wireframe of all the screens, covering the ideas, intention, features, UX/UI, maintenance, and functionalities. It is kind of similar to wire-framing in mobile applications.

Step 1

The first step of development is to understand our client’s needs. Our website developer will get in contact with you to get the knowledge of your requirements, objectives, competition, similar brands, and site visitors. They will understand the logic, type, size, and structure of the website and web design to be developed.