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Give us an idea of the logo you’re looking for in the form below and specify what elements you would like to see in your logo. We will reach out to you to discuss the idea in depth.

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Within 4 business days, you’ll receive initial design concepts of your logo. Choose your favorite logo from the alternatives we’ll provide and we will make revisions if any based on your feedback.

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When you are satisfied and have approved your final design, we will email your final logo files to you in a variety of formats such as PDF/PNG/AI/SVG. Your logo can now be used on whichever platform you choose. Say hello to your new identity.

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Get the logo that’s right for you. We offer a unique skillset to leave a lasting impression with a professionally designed logo for your brand or organization.

  • Our designers work with you one on one
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Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re looking for logo design and branding work at Almak, here’s what you can expect. Work one on one with an in house graphic designer to create a one of a kind logo for your business. This is an important step in building the brand of your business. Branding work for our customers involves layout design to place your logo on customer facing materials such as letterhead, promotional signs, business cards, etc.
This is a subjective question, because everyone has their own personal preference in terms of what makes a good logo. A clear, strong, effective logo is made of clear typography, strong colors, and a simple design or image. However, these elements have a lot to do with your industry, brand, and business.
Well, the exact cost of developing your logo depends upon the type and complexity of your logo design. The cost varies Ksh. 2,500 to 50,000 depending on the design, whether its for a letterhead or business card, how many alternatives you want, total time for the entire process. After accessing the requirements, our representatives will give you a price that best serves your needs.
We create files that are re-sizable – Vector images do no pixelate when re-sized. However, we also optimize images for print and digital that are smaller, which are easier to share and use.
Our process is designed to help you decide. Our designers can create a very simple font-based logo, or a more complex illustration, or just about anything in between. Keep in mind that the best logos are usually the most clear. Complicated designs often look great but are not necessarily easy to recognize or remember. Also, think about how you might use your logo in the future. For example, if you think you might show it on colored background, or on smaller objects such as pens or business cards, a more simple design is probably best.
If you are not satisfied with the initial designs, we will create new design samples for you to choose from. We will contact you and discuss the matter further and continue to do so until you are completely satisfied.
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